Bring meaningful change to your life, your work, and your world.

Martina is a certified tri-sector leadership coach who loves working closely with her clients (in groups or 1-on-1) to guide them to realizing their true potential, in alignment with their purpose and highest values.

Coaching Approach

Martina Buchal is the founder of Start Within, an internationally renowned speaker and certified coach recently selected as #34 on the Global Visionary Leaders List. In her “previous life” she worked in law and peacebuilding at the local, national, and international level and completed a world tour as Global Ambassador for World Merit. Her work with high level, as well as young ambitious soon-to-be-leaders, made her realize something spiritually, emotionally, and practically important: in order to change our world for the better, and to be of true service, we must first begin by changing ourselves and to lead from the heart. Learn more about Martina

Her explorations of leadership with her clients go beyond the traditional goal setting and work-life-balance coaching, to a real exploration of one’s purpose in life, their values, and their authentic leadership style. Her clients have experienced massive hyper-growth to find confidence, strength, courage, direction, and pursue goals that beforehand were buried below doubt and questioning, from a place of trusting their own goodness and knowing. Her most successful clients have moved to new countries, started their own successful business, and even become international speakers, speaking at the United Nations on important subjects such as peace and gender equality.

No one can lead others, if they can not first see
and understand themselves fully… We therefore learn
to lead others, by learning to lead ourselves.


Coaching Offering

Martina offers in-person and remote coaching, and thus works with global clientele.

Her clients come from all over the globe including Canada, the United States, Australia, Czechia, Germany, France, and Nepal.

Her coaching sessions are 60 minutes in duration and are available in packages of 4, 8 or 12.

As an avid traveler, coach, and consultant, the opportunity to join her coaching roster is rare.

*Corporate leaders, please inquire for group corporate-specific and executive coaching options

happy clients

“Working with Martina is like a hug for your soul. She holds space for you to become the woman you want to be and creates a safe place to fail, learn, and grow. Simply having her in my life created an energy and a momentum that allowed me to work toward my dreams and live my life with purpose. To this day, I hold some of the lessons that I learnt in Martina’s care as some of the most important and valuable lessons of my life.”


“Martina has been coaching me for nearly 2 years, and with her support and guidance, I have completely transformed my life. The person I was 2 years ago is still there, but she has grown immensely, taken back her power, speaks up now and shows up in ways she never had before…I highly recommend working with Martina – she’ll teach you how to fill up your own cup first, by starting within.”