Elevating the status quo with a #STARTWITHIN approach

You and your company, community, or organization are in the know. You're aware that the world is rapidly changing, and there is an increasing need to turn our businesses and organizations into tools for social good to help address some of the world's most pressing issues.

You know that it's not enough to just do good though. We need to be good.  

But, it's not always knowing where to start, or how...

Let me guide you on the journey. 

Together, we can co-­create a solution; a new way of being for you and your company where purpose, and being the change you wish to see in the world, are at the core of what you do; driving real, trackable social impact and saving you time and money. 
We're talking
true purpose activation.
True impact.


  • Let's start by assessing and reviewing where you are at, what your needs are, and what you're already doing well
  • Next, we appreciate the good. When I use this word, I mean it in the "appreciative inquiry" sense: a methodology used to make more of what is good, versus attacking the bad and what's not working (it's a more sustainable use of our energy!)
  • Then, we will ideate around a strategy, and plan for making social good a part of the every day
  • Lastly, we create and turn new methods into sustainable practice

Being good, is good for everyone.


Let's explore what that means...



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